Aς μην πλησιάσει εκείνος που του φαίνεται πως η δοκιμασία είναι μακροχρόνια!
Εσείς που αρνείστε το Ευαγγέλιο της ελπίδας, της δράσης και του θάρρους,
Που νομίσατε αβάσταχτη τη περίοδο της μάθησης,
Που χλωμιάζετε αντικρύζοντας την αγάπη,
Που τρομάζετε απ' τα φτερά ενός αγγέλου,


Ελ Μορύα

Κυριακή, 17 Οκτωβρίου 2010

Channeling from Nikolas Ragiadakos‏

You are all rich. You have everything you need, you always have had

There is no need to strive and work and try to gather more and more because then you lose your purpose, your focus.
Why bother collect what you already have? Are you mad?
If your stomach is full will you go to a restaurant to eat more? Where will you put it?

Unless you don’t like your stomach to be full and be content.
Unless you want to be hungry and lost and weak, then yes you go and look for more because you become slave of the action, you cannot be still at peace, at one with tranquillity.
Then go on vomit, get your stomach empty and start eating again.

The moment you accept you are full you don’t need to do anything
You can be in stillness, and nothingness can bring you happiness

You need to be careful because if others see you being still (not looking for new excitements) they may want to move you out of peace because of envy
The weak at heart may try to steal your treasures
And if you believe that those treasures could ever be stolen then you will end up trying to replace that which always was and always will be yours.

But if you remain full and happy and content you will look at them and smile because
They cannot steal what is not just yours
They cannot take what is not for taking because it’s yours and theirs at the same time
If they take, you enjoy
If they eat, you feel full
If they smile, you feel bliss
So let them take from you because then they have no choice but to give you back

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